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What is Upland Hunting?

Upland hunting refers to the pursuit of game birds, such as pheasants, quail, grouse, partridges, and woodcock, in their natural habitat. Upland hunting occurs in fields, grasslands, forests, and other upland areas that have ample cover

- these are the birds preferred habitats and where they naturally strive and reproduce. This sport is particularly popular in North America, where upland game birds are abundant. The most reputable pheasant hunting is in Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. Even still, public land tends to be overcrowded and heavily pressured so leasing private land or hiring an outfitter is most common. Pheasant hunting in Colorado, for example, is most suitable on the eastern plains which lacks enough public land to cater to our entire population of Colorado upland hunters. For this reason, Colorado has a number of private membership opportunities to resolve the challenges that are commonly endured when venturing out for a hunt. Some clubs to look into are Heritage Sporting Club, Rocky Mountain Roosters, A-Plus Gamebirds and Valhalla. Each private organization operates differently from one to the next so it is best to contact each and see which one will meet your needs. Some important considerations are the price of birds with or without a membership, guest policies, off-season accessibility, techniques for bird placement, ranges of field cover and field sizes, availability of guides (some even require a guide with each hunt), etc. The primary firearms for upland hunting are shotguns, which are used to shoot the flying birds as they flush into the air. Hunters typically use trained dogs, such as pointers, retrievers, or flushing breeds, to locate, flush, and retrieve the birds after they have been shot. The relationship between the hunter and their hunting dog is crucial in upland hunting, as the dog's abilities and cooperation greatly enhance the success of the hunt.

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