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2023-2024 Waterfowl Season

Waterfowl Club Membership

Our Waterfowl Club is an exclusive private club that is limited to up to 20 members for the 2023/2024 season. We are full for the current season but have started a paid waitlist. Our members have access to 7 miles of shoreline, 2.5 square miles of open water, and flooded timber at Milton Reservoir. Our reservoir has the capability to hold thousands of ducks. We have every species of duck the central flyway holds. With our limited membership, we also put very little pressure on the property so the birds stay. When it gets cold, we use a large lake aeration system to keep a small portion of the water open helping keep numbers of ducks and geese at the lake. Amenities also include the use of club decoys as well as floating and ground blinds.

Waterfowl memberships are $3,500 for the season (annual fee) currently and that includes unlimited hunts for you at no additional cost on open days with 1 complimentary guest each hunt (the same guest is welcomed 3 consecutive times under your membership). On days that you want to come hunt, you will submit a booking to be included in a virtual blind draw where we pull names randomly for the hunters to pick their unit. These blind draws are held weekly on Thursday nights but if you ever want to occupy a blind a unit and miss the draw we can still fill you into an open unit. We also provide a variety of decoys and gear free for the members to use. We currently have a waitlist for waterfowl memberships that is a fully refundable $500 deposit.We anticipate the waitlist to be 1-2 seasons from time of payment.

To join this waitlist, simply pay here and we will follow up with a request for you to create a member portal/apply for the membership and to complete the waitlist agreement as well as an update on your position on the list. We'd also enjoy the opportunity to show you around the place if you're interested in a tour.

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