Ducks at Heritage

This is actual footage of thousands of ducks at the Heritage Club! We hold just about every species of diver and puddle duck that you can find in CO. How many species can you count? It is not unusual to see 10,000 birds on our property. This is one of many things that makes our club special!

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Heritage Club Hunt Video

Here is a taste for what our WATERFOWL members enjoy at the Heritage Club.

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Eventually, our 1500 acres of sheet water does freeze and turns to ice. But the hunting does not end there!! We have made a significant investment in an aeration system that keeps a large open water area on the property throughout the coldest winter months. This in turn keeps birds on the property for the entire season. We maintain this area as a sanctuary and do not hunt it, but take advantage of decoying birds from the shore blinds as they move around every day.