Here is a VIDEO glimpse at some of the hundreds of acres of amazing habitat that our UPLAND members enjoy seven days a week.

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Members:  No bird minimum! Field Reservations

Pheasant:  $20   |   Chuker:  $18   |   Quail: $11

Non-Members: 2 Hunter & 5 bird (ea.) Minimum

Pheasant:  $28   |   Chuker:  $22   |   Quail: $16

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Field 3 is 39.7 acres in size, 1.23 miles in perimeter and is a great mix between prairie grasses, sage brush, dry wetland tules and broken timber. It is consistent in elevation, but can be a challenging walk in places due to heavy cover. It is a great intermediate/advanced field, and sets up very well for an east-west wind for your dogs. Parking is on the west side of the field.