Here is a VIDEO glimpse at some of the hundreds of acres of amazing habitat that our UPLAND members enjoy seven days a week.

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Bird Prices

Members:  No bird minimum! Field Reservations

Pheasant:  $20   |   Chuker:  $18   |   Quail: $11

Non-Members: 2 Hunter & 5 bird (ea.) Minimum

Pheasant:  $28   |   Chuker:  $22   |   Quail: $16

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Field 1 is 37.9 acres in size, 1.10 miles in perimeter and is very consistent in cover and terrain elevation. It is comprised almost exclusively of natural prairie grasses and is a great beginner/intermediate field. It is bordered on the east boundary by a water canal that provides a great place to water your dog. The western boundaries of this field are PRIVATE property, not belonging to Heritage Sporting Club. We ask you to respect the right of the property owner and not enter their property.