Here is a VIDEO glimpse at some of the hundreds of acres of amazing habitat that our UPLAND members enjoy seven days a week.

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Bird Prices

Members:  No bird minimum! Field Reservations

Pheasant:  $20   |   Chuker:  $18   |   Quail: $11

Non-Members: 2 Hunter & 5 bird (ea.) Minimum

Pheasant:  $28   |   Chuker:  $22   |   Quail: $16

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Mourning Dove

As an UPLAND member, you are entitled to hunt doves on the property starting September 1st in accordance with State and Federal migratory bird hunting regulations. We harvest both mourning and Eurasian collared doves each season. The natural water source and miles of shoreline shade trees make for a very attractive habitat for these fast and challenging game birds. Catch them moving back and forth along the lake shore and among the tree lines in the morning before breaking for lunch.