Waterfowl Water Update

December 19, 2018

  • Water levels continue to rapidly rise leading the constant movement of blinds. 

    • Until the reservoir is full, blind placement will always be in the general vicinity of their original locations but please stop in and speak to the staff member to find current blind locations, or call Roger at 720.432.4306 ext. 4 for verbal directions. 

    • Once the blinds are set in their final locations we will make a new map and renumber the blinds.

      • Blind 0 and ½ are before blind 1 on the NW shoreline

  • Over 2/3 of the lake is covered in ice and at this time the ice is not safe to walk on.  We have 3 ice eaters, with a 4th coming before Christmas. 

    • When it gets too cold these will not work and the inlet will be producing the only open body of water.  For more information or questions contact Roger.

  • Blinds 8 and 9 are surrounded by ice and will be great for goose hunting when the ice gets a bit thicker, however we do not feel confident letting members walk on it at this time.










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