Toilets, RV Pump Out, Fresh Water

Our current portable toilet provider has decided we are not paying enough for toilets. This has caused us to start an RFP for a new provider.

Our RFP can be found Here if you know someone that might be interested. Through this process, we have found out that some other lakes are having a crack down by the EPA for sewage dumping.

REMINDER: No Dumping on The Property! You cannot dump grey water!

Also, they informed us they had issues with people putting oil in the toilets. (They have to test the sewage by the county before dumping it.) I assured them our members are not allowed to work on their vehicles and are way too classy to do something like that!

Our intention is to:

Provide Toilets like last year

Provide a service contract for RV pump out for our members (looking at 2x per month)

Provide a service for RV fresh water fillup. (There are certain certifications for "potable water." We may have to provide "non-potable" water. The "non-potable" water would be city water used to fill up tanks that only use city water, but are not certified.)

We will keep you up to speed on our developments.

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