Preseason Lot Cleanup Weekend March 24-25

HSC Lot Prep and Improvement Guidelines

Welcome for a fun and exciting 2018 season! We know the first thing you will want to do is make your lot just the way you like it. We here are some guidelines for your lot improvement.

HSC Preseason Prep

The HSC is currently getting the property ready for the season. This is what to expect:

  1. Dock Recovery: The massive wind storm tore our dock out and damaged it. We are in the process of recovering and repairing it. We hope to have it installed by April 1, but it depends if we can get all the parts we need.

  2. Preseason Bush Hog Mowing: We are mowing all the lots with the tractor between March 19 and March 23.

  3. We are restaking lot boundaries March 23.

March 24-25, Preseason Lot Cleanup and Move-in

This is your opportunity to come out and clean up your lots before the season. You can bring out your summer items, including trailers. The only restriction is no RVs or Boats until April 1.

Before you come out

  1. Have a signed liability and release for you and whoever you bring with you. (We will send an online link as well.)

What Equipment You Can Bring

You can bring any of your trailer, yard equipment, riding lawnmowers, or hobby tractors (35hp or less). If you want to bring larger equipment, you will need proof of proper liability insurance.


If you want to hire a contractor or have a friend/relative or someone you know that is a contractor to improve you lot for you, they will have be preapproved by HSC and FRICO. (Contractor agreement and insurance.) Once they are preapproved, we can list the as an approved contractor for all members if desired. We also know many of our members are contractors. If you want to bring your equipment out or offer to provide services for other members, please get with us to get preapproved.

Lot Improvement Guidelines:

You may do normal cleanup and improvements to you lot. This includes picking up deadfall, mowing and installing a fire pit.

Lot Leveling:

Some members want to “level” their lot because it is bumpy. You may use a blade or box-blade to level your lot as long as you do not change the “grade” of the property from the waterline.

*NOTE: Never take a motorized device below the high water line.

Trees, Branches and Shrubs:

Removal of any trees, branches or shrubs have to be approved by FRICO, the landowner. In order to get approval, they want to see a picture of the requested item to be removed with a GPS pin location. You will send this to We will forward it to FRICO for approval. Please expect a 1-2 week delay for approval. This is an important issue for the landowner. The trees around Milton are very old, and they want to ensure we preserve their heritage.

Scraping Lot

Some members like to “scrape” their lot to prevent snakes and bugs from making refuge on their lot. (ie, remove the top layer of vegetation.) This improvement must stay within the confines of your lot. The debris you remove must be hauled off or redistributed on your lot. (No piles of debris allowed and you may not take non-burnable items to the burn pile.)


All deadfall and debris must be taken to the burn pile or hauled off the property. We have a dump truck, but it is currently out of service. (Tires blown out, and no company will service the “widow maker” wheels.) If we get it back in service, we can help haul your deadfall to the burn pile. You will be responsible for loading the deadfall into the dump truck.

Add Road Base

Some members add road base to their lot to use as a pad for their camper. You may do that within the confines of your lot.

Fire Pits

We are excited for summer and can’t wait to tell those ghost stories around the camp fire. Camp fires are a lot of fun, but they have some major risks. Our lake is surround by dry grass land and high winds. One misplaced ember or cigarette butt can cause catastrophic damage to our property and surrounding homes. Have fun, but make fire safety a priority!

Step 1: Pick the perfect spot. The spot should be 10 feet from anything flammable, including your RV and overhead tree branches.

Step 2: Remove the vegetation from under and around you fire pit location.

Step 3: buy or build a fire ring.

Step 4: Build you fire pit. Sparks can easily go under bricks or over your ring to catch the surrounding vegetation on fire. Fire spreads very fast in this area! You can add pavers or rock around you fire pad if you would like. You can get as fancy as you would like. Just remember, the FRICO or HSC may require you to return the lot to original shape after your membership has ended.

Step 5: Enjoy! While following proper fire educate.

  1. Ensure you have two five gallon buckets full of water and a shovel next to your fire.

  2. Do not leave a fire unattended!

  3. Put out your fire properly: Drown with water, stir with shovel, feel to make sure it is cool to the touch. (If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave.)

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