Ask the Water Quality Scientist! May 10th

You have questions and I don't have answers, but Steve does! Steve Lundt is our Water Quality Scientist here at Milton Reservoir. He has been testing the water about the last 15 years. He can tell you about the water quality, what affects the water quality, and what you can do. This good news is the water quality has been improving greatly over past 15 year, largely due to the efforts of Steve and the Barr Lake & Milton Reservoir Watershed Association.

Save the date! We will be hosting a live webinar with Steve on May 10th!

Steve Lundt (Region 8 – CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)

Steve Lundt’s love for the outdoors and applied science led him to a B.S. degree from Pacific University (Forest Grove, Oregon) and an M.S. degree in Environmental Science from Indiana University. After acquiring the two-year degree in 1999 and becoming a member of NALMS, Steve traveled back to Oregon and worked on Oswego Lake for three years. While working for the Lake Oswego Corporation, Steve became a Certified Lake Manager and learned how to work for a board of directors. Then in 2002, Steve moved to Denver, Colorado to be a Water Quality Scientist for Metro Wastewater Reclamation District.

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